CSNano Seminar Series 8 : Assoc Prof. Dr. Joselito Quirino

Seminar Title :
“Electrodriven Sample Preparation in Chemical Analysis”

Date : 22 March 2016 (Tuesday)Time : 2.30 pm – 4.30  pm
Venue : Lecture Theater 1, N31, Center of Sustainable Nanomaterials,
Ibnu Sina Institute For Scientific & Industrial Research,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai

Joselito P. Quirino, PhD
Associate Professor
Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science,
University of Tasmania, Australia

Website: http://www.utas.edu.au/profiles/staff/across/joselito-quirino

“Electrodriven Sample Preparation in Chemical Analysis”

Sample preparation has a crucial role in an analytical workflow, because it transforms the analyte in the sample into a suitable state for separation/detection and thus it directly influences the quality of the result. However, sample preparation accounts for more than 80% of the time spent in analytical workflow.  In addition, traditionally applied approaches such as liquid-liquid extraction and solid-phase extraction use substantial resources (i.e., organic solvents) and labour which adversely affect the economical and ecological aspects of sample preparation. This talk will present our recent efforts in environmentally-friendly or green sample preparation.  The first part will deal with on-line sample concentration or stacking for high sensitivity analysis in capillary electrophoresis [1-3].  The second part is on the use of an electric field for purely aqueous liquid phase extraction of analytes from liquid samples [4-6].