Indonesia-Malaysia Research Consortium (I’MRC) Social Newtwork is open to any researchers from academic institutions and research centres in Indonesia and Malaysia. It helps you to connect with other researchers. If you want to make contacts, or find a collaborator, within your field or from a different discipline, then I’MRC is a quick and easy tool to help you get in touch.

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I’M Research Consortium (Indonesia-Malaysia Research Consortium) is the Indonesia-Malaysia network of research-intensive universities and institution, working together to foster institutional innovation through research-inspired teaching and learning, student mobility, connecting our students and staff, and wider advocacy for internationalisation.

All I’M Research Consortium member institutions are research-led, comprehensive universities providing a strong quality assurance framework to the network’s activities.

Pioneer members of I’M Research Consortium:

We would like to invite your participation which could bring significant success to I’MRC! For any enquiries please email to Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur []