Malaysian Journal of Fundamental & Applied Sciences

- 42 days ago

Green spaces around Ibnu Sina Insitute, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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- 82 days ago

UTM Halal Consortium dengan Dr. Henny Purwaningsih (Halal Science Center, Institut Pertanian Bogor - IPB)
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- 84 days ago

Renovation in progress 😊
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- 87 days ago

Ceramah oleh Ustaz Juhazren Junaidi, Fakulti Penddikan UTM mengenai 'wudu' di bilik ilmu CSNano pada 26/07/2017
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- 91 days ago

Ceramah ergonomik di tempat kerja oleh Dr Rosman Surie (Pusat Kesihatan UTM)
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Journal abbreviation : Mal. J. Fund. Appl. Sci.
Imprint : Penerbit UTM PRESS. ISSN:2289-5981e-ISSN:2289-599X.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur

The Malaysian Journal of Fundamental & Applied Sciences (formely known as Journal of Fundamental Sciences, ISSN: 1823-626X) is a refereed research journal published by Penerbit UTM Press, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The aims and scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries from fundamental principles to practical applications in the broad field of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. All manuscript submissions must be made through the journal’s online manuscript system at Online Submissions.

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The Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (MJFAS) is now entering its twelfth year and it is now the official journal of the Indonesia-Malaysia Research Consortium (I’M Research Consortium). The consortium’s aims are to foster the development of the field through a crossdisciplinary approach and to reach consensus in areas of common interest in fundamental and applied sciences field. By making The Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences the official journal of the I’M Research Consortium, we hope to provide a forum to bring together society members and to publish peer-reviewed consensus documents that emerge from the activities of the consortium.