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(Head of Porous Nanomaterial Laboratory)
Dept. of Chemistry, Fac. of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Email : sugeng[at]utm.my
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Prof. Dr. Sugeng Triwahyono studied Industrial Chemistry (BEng) and Chemical & Environmental Engineering (MEng) in Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan and received his PhD from Hokkaido University (Graduate School of Engineering), Japan under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hideshi Hattori which working on the syntheses and applications of metal oxide and zeolitic materials for acid/base-catalyzed reactions. He joined faculty member in the Zeolite Group of Prof. Dr. Halimaton Hamdan at Faculty Science in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on 2005 in which he is working on the syntheses and applications of zeolitic and mesoporous materials. He is a Full Professor at the Department of Chemistry in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia since 2012. His research is focused on the syntheses and characterizations of solid acid-base catalysts and their catalytic application in Fine Chemistry, Petrochemical Reaction, Environmental Catalysis, and Fuel & Biofuels Productions. He has written over 100 scientific articles in national and international journals/paperworks in high impact journals such as Journal of Catalysis, Applied Catalysis B, Green Chemistry, RSC Advances, Carbohydrate Polymers, Applied Catalysis A, Biorsources Technology, Chemical Engdineering Journal, Journal of Hazardous Material, Microporous and Mesoporous Material and Journal of Energy Chemistry, and several book chapters focused on these subjects.  He also has participated in more than 50 research projects supported by public and private institutions. Currently, he is a leader-researcher of several active projects related with the production of advanced fuel-biofuels, acid-base catalysis and adsorption technology funded by MOHE, MOSTI, NSG, UYEMURA and RUG. In the international relationship, he is members of American Chemical Society (US), Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK),The Chemical Society of Japan and Catalysis Society of Japan. At the moment, he has an H index of 15 and an i-10 index of 26 (Jan 2015).



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