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Pelantikan AJK Badan Kebajikan Institut Ibnu Sina untuk tahun 2019-2020.
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Team of Ibnu Sina Institute, UTM
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Ibnu Sina Institute management meeting.
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"Job on campus" oleh mahasiswa Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail UTM ditaja oleh CSNano Technologies Sdn Bhd membersihkan halama…
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Perjumpaan mingguan staf Institut Ibnu Sina
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Development of AE Signal Post-processing for Early Detection and Online Monitoring on Journal Bearing ID Fan Lubrication System

This project is a business incubator of CSNano Technologies Sdn Bhd in collaboration with TNBR (TNB Research Sdn Bhd). TNBR is interested in introducing a new technology namely Acoustic Emission (AE) in monitoring their assets in Power Plant. At the moment, TNB is very keen to monitor their rotating equipment components especially journal bearing using AE. The introduction of AE has been successfully undertaken in the first stage of the project which is the “Development of Acoustic Emission (AE) for Laboratory Proof Test for Journal Bearing”. The findings showed that AE has good potential in detecting incipient failures in journal bearing especially failures related to oil starvation.


Figure 1. Existing Test Rig Design

Figure 2. Existing Test Rig (Located at CSNano Workshop)

Figure 3. Propose Data Acquisition and Processing System


If you are interested please contact us

Saiful ‘Adli Hj. Mohd Noh

Manager of CSNano Technologies Sdn Bhd
Tel: (07)5536033 H/P: 0197676762