Centre for Sustainable Nanomaterials (CSNano), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, was established in 1997. CSNano is a vital segment that seeks to comprehend the most fundamental knowledge towards achieving our goal. CSNano emphasizes on frontier science research activities; directly applying basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology with mathematics to facilitate the advancement of local technology, engineering and material discoveries; in pursuit of fundamental scientific advances through interdisciplinary programs and collaborations.

The research undertaken by CSNano will provide the education and training of researchers preparing to meet the scientific challenges of the future, in tandem with the Malaysian goal of having world class scientists; equivalent to Nobel Laureates by the year 2020. The research centre is designed to accommodate a series of chemistry, physics and mathematical laboratories equipped with sophisticated scientific equipment. CSNano aspires to be the country’s leading scientific computational laboratory with an array of computers consisting of the latest software for molecular modeling and simulation. As a fundamental science research centre, CSNano encourages and embraces cooperative collaborative and interdisciplinary research among the scientists and technologists alike.

CSNano strives to be a leading science research centre in the region, the meeting place of the “great minds” and the facilitator for future local scientific discoveries. This is to be achieved by CSNano adhering to the highest standards, with a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving towards the perpetuation of knowledge through education and reputation for research excellence, which provides an unparalleled scientific environment. The pursuit of scientific excellence is paramount and all efforts are directed towards that end.

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