Flagship Program

Flagship Program is a grant provided by Government to promote scientific and technological development in Malaysia by the provision of financial assistance for research and development activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology. This Flagship Program is under NanoMalaysia Center of Excellence Grant Scheme (NanoCOE) to embark on a study of Novel Functional Nanomaterials: Design and Synthesis. Institute Ibnu Sina focuses on the synthesis, characterization and computational studies of identical functional nanomaterials.

This program consists of two (2) projects namely:

  1. Novel multifunctional nanosilica materials in imaging, catalytic reactions, and sensors.
  2. Optimizing the role of nanometalcolloids as nano seed particles by applying surfactantsfor controllable InxGa1-xAs nanowires synthesis.

The objectives of these projects are:

  1. Develop a fundamental understanding of structure-property and processing relationships at the nanoscale
  2. Develop models, theories, and experimental validation of physics and chemistry at the nanoscale, including kinetic and thermodynamic principles guiding synthesis and assembly